What do classes cost?

We have an ongoing New Student Special of 5 classes for $50 (30 day expiration). This special is only available in person at the front desk before class or call us at 425-657-0411.

     Drop in class is $19

     5 class pass for $85 (with 90 day expiration)

     10 class pass for $160 (with 90 day expiration)

     15 class pass for $225 (with 120 day expiration)

     25 class pass for $350 (with 120 day expiration)

We also offer Monthly Membership for $160/month with a 12 month commitment and covers up to 25 classes in a month

Is the Yoga Studio heated?
Both the upstairs and downstairs studios are kept at a comfortable 72°. The room may warm up beyond that as you move and release heat in a  vigorous class. Some classes are geared more for relaxation and therapy and will stay room temperature.

When do I show up?
Please arrive at least 5 minutes early so that you can settle in for class. This is respectful to the teacher and the other students but also very helpful for your own practice. Doors generally open 10-15 minutes before class.

How else should I prepare for class?
Come to class on an empty stomach (don’t eat 2 hours before class). Practicing with a full stomach can be uncomfortable.

Turn your cell phones off when at the studio and keep in mind that for many, the studio can be place of rest. Keep your voice at an appropriate level.

What do I do if I need help?
Ask. That is what we are here for and we are happy to assist you.

What if I’m not flexible?
Flexibility is not necessary to start practicing yoga! That is one of the things that we work to cultivate along with strength, a sense of ease, and an open mind.

Am I too old for yoga?
Absolutely not! Yoga is good for people of all ages and sizes. Practicing yoga can help prevent injury, loss of mobility, discomfort and can also just be tons of fun! We are a studio for people of all ages, shapes and sizes.

How often should I come to class?
The answer to this question depends on what you hope to accomplish through practice. As with any discipline, the more you practice, the greater and more accelerated the growth. Most of our teachers practice once a day because it enriches their lives a great deal.

2-3 times a week is a great place to start. 3 or more times a week will greater bring about shifts in your body and mind sooner.

What should I wear?
Wear comfortable clothing that fits closer to the skin than you might be used to. Baggy clothes can inhibit breathing or bunch up in ineffective unhelpful ways. Remember that you can always change into “yoga clothes” at the studio and that you will not be the only one dressed that way. Please also note that we do not wear shoes in the studio.

Do I need a yoga mat?
We provide all props but do charge $1 mat rental fee to use our mats. It takes us time and energy to keep them clean. It is more sanitary and more comfortable to have your own mat. We do also sell mats in our eco-boutique.

If you have any further questions or questions about these questions, don’t hesitate to call 425.657.0411 or email us.

Up Coming Events and Workshops

All Our Classes are Just Yoga No Heat

Yoga for Beginners Join Lindsay Mondays at 7pm and Julie Wednesdays at noon for class geared for new students. Sign up.


Spring Radiance: An Equinox Ritual Practice Join guest instructor Melanie Foust for a yoga practice with space to reflect on our intentions for the coming months of blossom. Accompanied by guest musician and singer Matthew Dauble. Saturday, March 18th at 1pm. Sign up.


Flight Plan: Arm Balance & Inversions Workshop This workshop is designed for ALL LEVELS, and will teach new fliers basic arm balance & inversion entries and exits, and provide seasoned fliers with new possibilities. Flip your perspective, and build courage, self-confidence, and greater focus! Saturday, March 4th at 1pm. Sign up.


Two new weekend Flow Yoga classes! Saturdays at 9:30am and Sundays at 4pm. Sign up.