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Get Started

The new student class series is for those who want a friendly place to start their yoga journey. We call it our Newbies Series and it is a 6-week long course that serves as an introduction to the basics of the practice of yoga. Preregistration required. Next Newbies series is Saturdays at 11am starting February 25th.

If you have questions about where to start or how to sign up call or email us. We will help you find the perfect class. There is no wrong age, size, gender, or time to step back into your yoga practice (or start one). We have classes 7 days a week as early as 6:30am and as late 7:30pm. With over 35 classes a week and wonderful workshops from dedicated teachers, we are committed to offering you amazing ways to consciously invest in your well being. Whether you’re questing to calm down, get stronger, become more capable, become more alert, or just enjoy your life a bit more, we probably have a class for that.
View our schedule for a full list of classes and to sign up.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions to learn what to expect for your first class.

Up Coming Events and Workshops

All Our Classes are Just Yoga No Heat

Yoga for Beginners Join Lindsay Mondays at 7pm and Julie Wednesdays at noon for class geared for new students. Sign up.


Spring Radiance: An Equinox Ritual Practice Join guest instructor Melanie Foust for a yoga practice with space to reflect on our intentions for the coming months of blossom. Accompanied by guest musician and singer Matthew Dauble. Saturday, March 18th at 1pm. Sign up.


Flight Plan: Arm Balance & Inversions Workshop This workshop is designed for ALL LEVELS, and will teach new fliers basic arm balance & inversion entries and exits, and provide seasoned fliers with new possibilities. Flip your perspective, and build courage, self-confidence, and greater focus! Saturday, March 4th at 1pm. Sign up.


Two new weekend Flow Yoga classes! Saturdays at 9:30am and Sundays at 4pm. Sign up.